Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening $70  Purchase $70

Information about the Gel:

This new process restores your natural tooth color by using a L.E.D. accelerated carbamide peroxide tray. This system is the same solution and system that many dentists use, for a fraction of the price.

**Dash Smiles has been voted #1 in teeth whitening 3 years in a row! We stand behind all of our products and have been in the teeth whitening industry for almost 10 years.

Will this product do any damage to fillings?

This product is FDA compliant and safe to use on tooth surfaces as well as crowns, caps, veneers, bonding, etc! The whitening gel will remove stains from any fake material in your mouth but will NOT change the color of the material. Our product will not cause any harm or damage and is Enamel Safe!


Teeth Whitening Treatment – 20 min. – $70

  • We recommend 2-4 treatments 1 week apart.

Add-On: Booster – 10 min – $25

  • Could be added on to each visit per recommendation as above.

LED Light “At Home Kit” – $79.99

For best results:

  • Brush your teeth thoroughly then dry them with a clean cloth before applying the teeth whitening gel to them
  • Generously apply gel from whitening pen onto your teeth, avoiding gum area
  • Keep smiling until you put your mouth tray in (if you close your lips you will wipe gel off your teeth)
  • For best results do (2) 8 minute sessions back to back (spit, re-apply gel then put tray in for another 8 minutes) for 5-7 consecutive days. If you are experiencing any sensitivity; take a break from sessions for a few days.