Tranquility: The peace that comes when energies are in harmony and relationships are in balance.

Tranquility Spa & Salon’s mission is to allow you to experience a “peace” of Tranquility.

Relax, Revitalize and Reconnect.  Invigorate your senses and energize your soul as we take you on an in-SPA-rational journey toward holistic harmony.

We are committed to assisting you reach a higher level of joy and vitality by using the purest professional, organic treatments to enhance your beauty and soothe your soul.

About Tranquility Spa & Salon

Tranquility Spa & Salon invites you to enjoy a comprehensive menu of relaxation services, beauty regimens, as well as a wide variety of spa retail products for your home experience. Gift certificates are always available for purchase for any value.

Please call our friendly coordinators to inquire about our services and to schedule your visit.


Tranquility’s skin and body care products are literally “good enough to eat.” Whether you take in food through your mouth or ingest it through your skin, it will ultimately reach your blood stream to feed your internal and external body. We are committed to using and selling products that are natural and effective for optimal health and beauty.


To ensure a peaceful and quiet atmosphere of a true sanctuary, we request that you turn off your cell phones. We ask that you allow yourslef the opportunity to speak calmly and in a quiet manner in order to respect the peace and tranquility of the other guests that are trying to relax. Out of respect to our other guests, we ask that if you bring your children into the spa that you monitor them closely, as not to disturn or interrupt other services


We require a credit card to secure your appointment.
To receive your best selection of treatments, we recommend that you make your appointment three or more weeks in advance, especially if you are planning to schedule multiple services or are booking a spa party.
Please notify us of any special needs.


Please reserve your appointments prior to your arrival Tranquility Spa & Salon to ensure you receive the scheduled time desired. As a courtesy to all spa guests, cancellation must be made 24 hours in advance of your appointment time.
Failure to do so will result in 50% of your service total charged as we are not longer able to “re-sell” that time.


All sales of Tranquility Spa & Salon services and products are final. We do not accept returns and do not give cash refunds. If at any point you feel the need to return a product, we would be happy to issue you a store credit, which can be applied to the purchase of treatments and products.


To be most comfortable during your treatments, avoid eating a large meal within an hour of your appointment. Drink plenty of water and do not consume any caffeine or alcohol on the day of your visit.
Most skin and hair removal services require that you not use a tanning facility for a minimum of 24 hours prior to your treatment time. Please advise our Estheticians of any medications you are on prior to being waxed.


Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to fill out an intake form, allow time to relax and enjoy a cup of tea.
Please inquire early for any special needs.
We recommend you leave your jewelry or other valuables at home, as we are not responsible for any items left behind.


In an effort to serve our spa guests in a timely manner, we ask that you be on time for your scheduled appointment. In the event that you are running late, please call the spa. If you are running more than 15 minutes late, you may be asked to reschedule.
Alternatively, your arrival time will determine the length of your treatment time, which will end as scheduled so the next spa guest may begin their treatment promptly. The cost of the shortened treatment time will not be pro-rated as this time was reserved soley for you.
In the event that you are asked to reschedule due to your late arrival and you are unwilling to reschedule, 100% of your total will be charged to your account.


Treatments are not taxed and do not include gratuity. Gratuity is accepted and appreciated. It may be given at your discretion and can be left at the reception desk after checkout.